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Small photo of a sunset behind a mountain.
Small photo of a sunset behind a mountain.
Small photo of a sunset behind a mountain.

3 step process

As easy as...

Three simple steps.

Fill out your survey

Whether you are new to video creation or an ancient grizzly - it's simple.
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Schedule a FREE call

Easy, low-pressure call to set expectations and answer any questions you may have.
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Receive your videos

After your final approval of your videos we will provide them in any size, format, aspect ratio, delivery method... we have you covered.
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We tell your story

Your story - told in the ways you want.

Standard Package: 15 second video + 6 second video + 6 second video
Plus Package: Everything above + 15 second video
Elite package: Everything above + 30 second video + 6 second video

The following examples are from the Elite Package, this is the 30-second version.
This is the first of two 15-second versions.
The second 15-second version is similar, but a few alternative shots and music give it a different feel.
And the first of three similar but different 6-second ads.
Each video targeting a different segment of the target demographic.
Intended for YouTube, but usable just about anywhere.

    Our focus is on

    We can work for you, with you, or we can hold your hand throughout the entire process. Every decision is made with your target audience in mind.

    Creative Innovation

    We infuse creativity with cutting-edge techniques to showcase your product in ways that capture attention and ignite interest.

    Results-Driven Approach

    Our production process includes a comprehensive metrics PDF for success tracking, with a customized plan to help you hit your targets.

    Direct Access

    Reach out directly to discuss your vision; call 859-609-9672 or email for prompt and personal service.

    Data Privacy Commitment

    Your privacy is paramount. We protect your information with GDPR compliance and offer data deletion upon request.

    Transparent Pricing

    Get a clear understanding of costs upfront by completing our quick survey—no surprises, just honest pricing.

    Tailored Video Strategy

    We attentively develop a bespoke video strategy that amplifies your product's unique appeal and drives your marketing objectives.

    Product videos are our bread and butter

    You'll quickly see how we cater to your needs - providing your video in any and all aspect ratios you may need - whether it's geared toward a mobile device or a television. The following three are the most common.

    16:9 Aspect ratio

    This is your modern classic. You'll find this aspect ratio on monitors, televisions, and YouTube. This replaced the old 4:3 aspect ratio which was once standard.

    9:16 Aspect ratio

    This is a newer aspect ratio that has been popularized by Tik Tok and FaceBook; as well as InstaGram Stories and YouTube Shorts.

    1:1 aspect ratio

    This is a "square" - commonly seen on InstaGram as well as print photographs and general social media profile pictures.

    When you are happy, we are ecstatic!

    Questions? We will contact you as soon as possible.
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